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Local time 18-08-2019 05:05:15

Job: Wordpress speed upgrade required.

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Project ID : 349

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Job ID: 349
Job Name: Wordpress speed upgrade required.   
Status: Cancelled
Description: I am using wordpress website which is woocommerce on dedicated server with good resources,I have WHM Apache nginx installed .Also using paid MAXCDN.Supercache is also installed. I want to improve
it's speed and it has to be between 2-3 secs on testing website below :- http://www.webpagetest.org or could be pingdom. Despite all essentials i am not enjoying a fast website so any one who knows
this subject in depth should only undertake the job otherwise it is not going to be done by moving plugins here and there or adding some cache plugins ,if that was the case then it would have been
sorted by now. My thoughts are if mysql database expert can split the search ,or hook the queries so large database could be sorted quickly then ,it may be arranged on these lines or you use your
own way to resolve it but results required mus be produced.I can go over the budget if you have a solid solution for this. Socialcart.co.uk is my website.
Budget: £ 30 - £ 60 Created: 2019-06-11 01:22:34
Job Type: Wordpress Speed,Wordpress,SEO Technical Audit
Revisions Of Project Agreed to (Times): 2
Will pay for Partial completion of job: no
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mmandot I can manage your website issue and bring down it to 3-5 sec. I was trying to connect your website, but it seems not available. £ 60 3days   2019-06-17 01:29:39 (No Feedback Yet)