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About Us

Website is run by Major Azhar Kayani (R) who is working as private investigator and has his own company with the name of Private investigator Headquarters. He has a vast experience of intelligence operations when in service and has also developed web designing and developing skills which he has been doing for the last one decade as it is also his passion and he always looked forward to develop some website which could be globally used so here is the one he developed and is striving to take it to next level now.

Website is designed keeping in view the needs of UK and other private investigators of the world who can produce marvellous results if they gather at one point or a portal and share experience and skills they have and it may benefit them in terms of time and money when they outsource jobs to other parts of the country or even world.


It will not be out of place to mention legal companies using private investigators, may it be process service, surveillance , tracing a missing person or any other fraud investigation who definitely have a dire need
of a portal from where they could get response in seconds due to nature of their jobs and time constraints they have we think our website has great functionality and transmits highly filtered inquiries to our Agents if they entered their area and skills right . The system is fully developed and works on automatic messages which all messages sent electronically in seconds to concerned Agents


It is an effort to match skilled investigators with professional employers who could use them from job to job and could communicate with them one to one and that is why it is pi121.com .
You all are requested to join our portal and give it a success. Adding a job is absolutely free and our initial fees from Pi(s) is next to nothing like couple of quids and our main aim is to give our website a great success and it can not be achieved without your being part of this private investigator's job portal.

We all thank you very much for visiting our website and looking forward to see you as our valued member.