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Fees Details

We charge a very nominal charges for the service we are providing as we have to pay 3.4% + 0.20p to Paypal on receipt of funds which Employer sends us before job starts and is ultimately to be paid to Freelancere. All charges shown below include this Paypal debit and we are hardly left with 2.5% profits on completion of a job.Please see details below. Final value Fees both parties pay is shown below.




2% On Completion.


5 % On completion.

  3. Shares half paypal commission when you add funds will be charged with 2% extra.

    Following are charges to upgrade basic free service if required.

    Urgent - £1
    Featured- £1
    Private Job- £1
    Hides Bids - £1

2-Withdrawal paypal commission 2%

Western Union withdrawal commission is 0 but for international transfer of funds they charge fix amount of £5 on any amount and our GBP is delivered to your designated bank or agent location in your local currency on the currency rate the day funds are sent to you.

We send you MTCN number and amount and you may collect your earnings next day.

Example -You get £95.00 for the job of £100.

2% Paypal Commission will be borne by Employer and agent both individually it is charged on each withdrawal and deducted by system from withdrawn amount.

Example:You get £95.00 for the job of £100.

Note: All employers will use Escrow Account before start of job and will add money equivalent to job price which they have to pay to Freelancer.

Over and above actual amount (you pay in our account for freelancer) you will only be charged 2% paypal commission which compensates us when we are charged paypal commission on receiving funds from you. We have splitted it between you and Freelancer to keep the costs low for every one.

Example: You Pay £102 for the job agreed for £100 by Freelancer.

On completion you can release the amount from Escrow or transfer direct to Freelancer as you agreed before start of job and we will transfer it to Agent sooner he/she reaches the threshold.All internal transfers are absolutely free and users are charged when they actually withdraw from Poundlance to their local account .

In case of any dispute money can not be withdrawn and will stay in escrow till you are not satisfied and you release the money yourself or contact Poundlance.com in case of any dispute and will intervene to arbitrate and decide further.

For more information please read our terms and conditions.

Note: Rest Assured you will be paid when job assigned is completed as we get escrow before start of job provided you asked Employer to transfer in Escrow.

Credit Packages detail is given below.Please read.

Please use internal message board for all communications which will help in case of any dispute.

Withdrawal Limit-Minimum £75 and Maximum £5000 Monthly which will be increased when you continuously reach this threshold twice in two months. Please apply when you qualify .

. For more information please read our terms and conditions.


How Credit packages work for Agents.

As this website is for serious Freelancers and those participating in bidding the jobs are professional Freelancers therefore we have introduced a small amount in the shape of credit Package from 0.20p to 0.30p per bid you make which is approximate (depending upon your package you purchased) and it means you consume one credit for one time bidding on one project.

Different packages have different number of credits and days to expire and your package expires whichever out of days or number of credits is consumed earlier for example 20 credits for 30 days means if you bid on 20 projects in a day then you consumed your package and now you have to purchase new package or if you do not bid on a single job even then your credits will expire in thirty days and you have to purchase new package in this case also so number of credits or days which ever expires earlier means you purchase new package.

When you signup you get bonus of 120 free credits for 90 days which will give you fair idea of your spending and earnings and we are confident that as we charge a fraction of money what others charge you in this sector so you will definitely make most of our service in most economical way.